We aim to be a unique place where people can drink good coffee, eat good food, and encounter English culture. We offer a wide variety of magazines that are hard to find in Korea. We offer homemade desserts and food, as well as various snacks and candy bars from the States. We hope to be a haven for the English-speaking community in Daegu, as well as a space for native Koreans to be exposed to English.  Although we are in a fairly recluse area, we hope to attract special people and create a unique community.

We offer various classes to the Korean public and are always looking for volunteers to help us out. If you are interested,  please leave a message.

We aim to be more than just a coffeehouse– we strive to be a cultural point of exchange, a refuge for the homesick and a  vibrant community for intelligent, creative, and thoughtful people.

루홀은 대구 유일의 직수입 쿠바원두 커피전문점으로 유기농 식빵과 다양한 홈메이드 디저트를 만나 보실 수 있어요. 또 대구 최초의 영어 까페로 독특한 영어 프로그램도 운영하고 있답니다. 영어 잘 못하시는 분들도 오셔서 영어와 친해질 수 있는 친영어(English-friendly) 까페랍니다^^


  1. Hi,

    I added you in my facebook list of contacts. I’m just wondering if you guys accept reservations for events like “baby shower”. We are planning to do ours sometime in December. What are the food/drinks that you serve? Are you in operation now?

    Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

  2. We do baby showers and parties. We will be reopening November 1. Since we have time until December, stop by or call the coffeehouse after 11/1 and we can go over details. Thanks for your support and we look forward to hosting your baby shower!

  3. Hi there Louhol coffeehouse

    It’s so great to get to know about this little community in Daegu. 1 of my students told me about this and I would like to know more about how to get involved with the volunteer work.
    Please drop me a line.


  4. Thanks Naomi for your kind words. Whenever you have time, please stop by the coffeehouse. Would love to talk!

    • Allright! Game on! I live locally in Sang-In area, BTW Who can I have a word with regarding the volunteer work? Would like to see the place asap!
      Take care guys!

      Naomi xoxox

  5. Hey Naomi,
    Come by during the weekday… we’re closed on weekends and ask for Lou… afternoons or after 8… see you soon!

  6. Louhol is just a perfect place to be exposed to an authentic English situation. I was extremely happy to know this wonderful cafe and am still enjoying the way of learning English here. I feel like I am in somewhere in the states. Hope Louhol will be prosperous forevever!!!!!!!

    Cindy Kim

  7. Thank you Cindy for the kind words. We appreciate your support! We are working hard to provide the best possible service. See you at Louhol~

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